At the 32nd Getxo International Jazz Festival, Spain 12th of July 2008, Kristian Brink Quartet won a well-earned first-place, and as winners they were rewarded with a live recorded album entitled Kristian Brink Quartet.

Kristian Brink's playing contains echoes of the great classical tenor sax players from John Coltrane to Sonny Rollins, but he is distinguished from them (or at least tries to distinguish himself) in that he brings a sensitivity to his instrument which is all his own, and which reflects all the musical weight that jazz has long carried in Scandinavia, one of the favourite refuges in Europe of American jazz musicians.

In his discourse there is a desire to tell things his own way, and that desire is carried over into his repertoire, which is all original and defined by his status as a Swedish and European citizen.

Brink's poetic instinct and a certain folky vein shine through in beautiful ballads such as Senna, Mars and The Tree, but he also flexes his mighty bebop muscles in abrasive, headlong pieces sucha as Colaga, Red Comedy and the sparkling, monumental Called The Sick, which is ushered in by a vigorous tenor solo.

/ Pablo Sanz, November 2008