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Kristian visiting New York, USA

South America Tour, Ecuador, Colombia

Kristian Brink Quartet granted financial support

Listen to Kristian Brink Quintet performing live @ Glenn Miller Café


Welcome to the official website of Kristian Brink!

Kristian Brink is a young musician and composer from southern Sweden, playing saxophone as his first instrument. After studying four years at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden, he started the jazz band Kristian Brink Quartet, and the band now consists of Erik Lindeborg (piano), Tobias Grenholm (bass), Paul Svanberg (drums) and Kristian Brink (saxophone, composer).

The band plays modern jazz songs composed by Kristian himself and together they have received several awards for musical brilliance and immediancy. As an example, the jury in the competition "Young Nordic Jazz Comets", year 2007, delivered the following comment after declaring the band as the final winner:

They are all terrific players, all strong soloists - four out of four! The sound of the band was agreeable, the balance in dynamics was good, and their clarity of line impressed us. They played a nice variety of tempos and feels, and played them all most convincingly. It was a good set.

Here you can read more about Kristian. You can also browse through all the projects he has put to work or participated in, visit his image gallery, listen to recordings or take a look at his calendar, to know where and when he is busy doing what he really enjoys in life, that is playing music.

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